Why us?

Our Ethos

  • In music, Crescendo refers to the gradual increase in sound over a set of notes 

  • Since its inception, Crescendo Advisors has been totally focused on offering risk management consultancy services to increase clients' strengths

Our contribution to assignments

  • Real-world experience across the risk management cycle – design of requirements, and their  implementation and operation

  • Focus on pragmatic business solutions that fit your business needs rather than theoretical expectations

  • Willingness to challenge risk regulation to seek pragmatic implementation in line with business constraints and objectives

  • Experience of managing risk management processes to ensure continuous improvements and timely delivery​​

  • Experience of leading complex regulatory and risk transformation with significant budgets

Our ability to set up a focused team that delivers on client’s needs

  • We have also partnered with ICG, an international provider of premium management consulting and project execution services delivered by high-calibre consultants and subject matter experts drawn from an extensive network of affiliates

Our existing record of serving clients 

Our leadership team

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