Senior Interim Risk Roles

When you have an unexpected risk management vacancy or urgent strategic risk management issue which requires additional senior leadership, your organisation needs a steady hand on the tiller. You need a critical thinker who can slot seamlessly into your existing team or galvanise new resources quickly to get your business risk problem under control.


Any gap in your risk management resourcing could lead to fundamental business critical problems. The consequences for your business may stretch much further than the immediate financial period and failure to have the right senior risk leadership could result in long-term financial exposure for your company. 


At Crescendo Advisors, our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants can provide the right blend of mindset, skillset and toolset to help your business stay on track whilst you find your perfect new senior risk management resource.

With over 100 years between us, our team can ensure your company keeps a tight handle on a variety of roles in underwriting, actuarial and risk management, covering activities such as reporting, governance, operational risk management, and team management. 

Whatever your interim risk management requirements, we’d love to talk to you about how Crescendo Advisors can plug your short-term gaps.

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