Investments and climate change

For insurers, the largest source of emissions is not their own operations but within the companies they invest into and underwrite (scope 3 emissions). When climate change forces action upon insurers these areas are the key focus. Being prepared to deal with questions and regulation which touches scope 3 emissions also requires us to know where we stand.

The investment portfolio analysis was done with the help of PACTA – Paris Agreement Climate Change Transition Assessment – an open-source software developed by 2Degree Investing Initiative and widely used by insurers, banks and regulators worldwide.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Crescendo Advisors worked with an insurer’s portfolio to help them understand the extent to which their investments aligned with climate related goals and global benchmarks. This analysis showed which investments were consistent in the medium term with the expectations from the Paris Agreement. 

This type of analysis is instrumental for insurers’ product and investment strategy as well as the consideration of transition risks and disclosures.

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