Although it is not yet mainstream, FinTech is increasingly becoming a defining character of the financial services landscape.


FinTech start-up businesses need to consider the authorisation requirements of UK regulators to ensure that they support the business model and aspirations.  This should be considered early on in the process to ensure that regulation does not undermine your business aspirations.  Crescendo Advisors has worked with start-ups to assess the strategy options for authorisation reflecting existing business strategy.  This led to the development of a regulatory business plan and a reconsideration of the overall business model.  It is important that these strategic discussions take place because depending on the activity and business model there may be various options to authorisation. 

Crescendo Advisors has also explored FinTech and AI from the perspective of the incumbents and risk management.  It seems that one of the main challenges to the adoption of FinTech and AI-based solutions by incumbents is governance, including how risk management is applied in practice. 


Reviewing existing risk management and governance approaches to consider how they should be applied to FinTech and AI can create the necessary infrastructure to ensure that these tools achieve their transformational potential.  This will facilitate incumbents’ adoption of FinTech and AI.  Crescendo Advisors’ thoughts on this are set out in a recent blog post here.

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