Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are regrettably commonplace in commercial insurance and reinsurance. If your organisation is engaged in a claims dispute, you may need an expert witness on your side to provide industry insight.


Contract disputes can be lengthy and resource-heavy, leading to increased legal costs. Swift resolution during insurance litigation can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


Crescendo Advisors has a solid track record of successful engagements in both adjudication and arbitration. We can support clients in disputes relating to reinsurance, professional and financial lines insurance, property damage and business interruption insurance, and brokerage matters.  Our experienced insurance expert witness consultants can:


  • provide insight into market practices which may affect an insurance policy or reinsurance treaty

  • provide policy or treaty interpretation

  • often sway the court to support one disputant’s argument over the other.

Recently, Crescendo Advisors have provided expert witnesses in the following contract dispute matters:

  • business interruption insurance dispute centering on insurers’ remedies for material non-disclosure 

  • surplus treaty, cession practice and facultative reinsurance protection – Protektor Forsikring vs Munich Re (2019) Norwegian Arbitration following the Grenfell Tower disaster

  • non-disclosure issues in three US banking professional indemnity cases

  • non-disclosure and severability issues in a European Directors & Officers case

  • apportionment issues between BBB and PI in a Swiss Bank

  • a reinsurance arbitration concerning the correct cession of major UK risks between proportional and non-proportional treaties

With the inevitable risk in insurance claims because of COVID19, your organisation may benefit from having the experience of an expert witness in insurance coverage to support your case.  Click here to read our thoughts about potential reinsurance implications.

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