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Turning your risk management challenges into implementable strategies


Crescendo Advisors is a boutique risk management consultancy in London with a proven history in understanding financial regulation and designing and implementing enterprise risk management frameworks and governance systems in insurance and financial services.

When your business needs a risk management consultant who understand the ‘big-picture’ of financial regulation and the detail and can confidently articulate how that applies to you, then you have come to the right place.

You’ll receive tailored, bespoke services from us.  We operate as a business partner and will work with you to design and implement an enterprise risk management framework and governance systems that meet your business needs, timeframe and budget.

At Crescendo Advisors, we know that all clients are different and will present unique challenges.  We work with you to align your individual business needs and aspirations with what is required to comply with financial regulation.

Our specialist areas of expertise cover enterprise risk management framework, governance systems, integrated assurance, operational resilience, internal model approval process (IMAP) and digital transformations. We have supported FinTech business consideration of regulatory strategy. We also provide training for Board and senior management on risk and regulatory issues.


Benefits of working with a Boutique Risk Management Consultancy



The benefits of hiring a boutique risk management consultancy are that you will develop a strong, personal relationship built on trust and honesty. You will always be able to access the named consultant who understands your specific needs and circumstances. No one size fits all approach here.



We pride ourselves on helping our clients make a clear distinction between their risk management and regulatory obligations and their business and ambitions. This means we will always let you know if you are going above and beyond what is required by regulations, so you can keep control of your budget. This also prevents you landing in hot water with regulators who will hold you to your own approved policies even if these represent over-implementation.


Deep understanding of how regulations apply to your business drives all our decision making, so you can have certainty that your risk management framework and processes will deliver the best outcomes for your business whilst meeting financial regulation requirements.


We like to think of financial regulations as the basic ingredients and instructions that your business needs to ensure compliance. Every business is structured differently and has unique constraints and desired outcomes. This means that your implementation of the regulations will need to be tailored to your business in the same way that a chef makes their own tweaks to a dish to produce something bespoke. Undercooked or overcooked are never good places to be, especially when it comes to financial regulation, so we will work with you to create the appropriate result for your business.

What’s it like working with us?

We like to get to know our clients personally, so wherever possible you’ll have an on-site meeting with us so we can see you in your environment and understand your business ethos, requirements and goals.


You’ll get access to our thought leadership library and we are always happy to explore Board and senior management training opportunities on risk and regulation.

To get to know us better, why not share with us your latest pressing risk or regulatory issue and discuss informally how we can help you address the challenge as painlessly as possible.

Contact Isaac Alfon on +(44) 7766 725315 or email